Growing your business with Capsule CRM system


A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system. It is a cloud-based system which enables you to manage the relationship, data and communication you have with your prospects, customers, referrers, and suppliers; all in one place.

A quick question, what if I gave you 10 new customers tomorrow, what would you do?

Would you buy more equipment? Recruit more staff? Move to a bigger office?

Typically, people don’t think about what needs to happen ‘behind the scenes’ in these situations.

If I were to ask you to show me where your customer information is stored, what you spoke to Alex from accounts about last week or what the email address is for Jane Smith (your next potential new client)  what would you do?

If you are searching your email inbox, looking for a note pad on your desk, a spreadsheet or you can’t remember where that information is, then I can help.

Having worked with several CRM systems over several years,  I now only work with Capsule CRM. Why? Capsule CRM is all out for SME’s it is a fantastic system for usability, affordability, customisation and their support team is second to none.

Here is how I can work with your business:

Implementing a CRM into your business is something you know you need to do but don’t know where to start. If you lack the time or know how then I can help. I have a clear framework that breaks down the implementation into bite size stages that make it less daunting and enable you and your team to fully get onboard.

Here is what every Capsule CRM set up includes:

  • Mapping of your customer journey processes and business processes
  • Customisation of Capsule CRM to your own unique business processes
  • Support with data cleansing and import
  • Implementation of Capsule CRM into your business
  • Training on how to use Capsule CRM within your team
  • Ongoing check in’s to ensure that the CRM is aligned to your business processes. A CRM is for life!