How I Help You and Your Business

How I help You and Your Business


A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system. It is a cloud-based system which enables you to manage the relationship, data and communication you have with your prospects, customers, referrers, and suppliers; all in one place.

A quick question, what if I gave you 10 new customers tomorrow, what would you do?

Would you buy more equipment? Recruit more staff? Move to a bigger office?

Typically, people don’t think about what needs to happen ‘behind the scenes’ in these situations.

If I were to ask you to show me where your customer information is stored, what you spoke to Mr Jones about last week or what the email address is for Jane Smith – what would you do?

If you are searching your email inbox, looking for a note pad on your desk, a spreadsheet or you can’t remember where that information is, then I can help.

Having worked with several CRM systems over several years,  I now only work with Capsule CRM. Why? Capsule CRM is all out for SME’s it is a fantastic system for usability, affordability, customisation and their support team is second to none.

Here is how:

Implementing a CRM into your business is something you know you need to do. Growing your business without one is impossible. If you lack the time or know how then I can help. I have a  tried and tested framework that breaks down the implementation into bite size stages that make it less daunting and enables you and your team to fully get onboard.

Here is what every Capsule CRM set up includes:

  • Mapping of your customer journey processes and business processes
  • Customisation of Capsule CRM to your own unique business processes
  • Support with data cleansing and import
  • Implementation of Capsule CRM into your business
  • Training on how to use Capsule CRM within your team
  • Ongoing check in’s to ensure that the CRM is aligned to your business processes. A CRM is for life!


When you run your own business often the big picture slips because you’re busy dealing with the details.  My customer workshop session will show you things from the eyes of your customer, as we work together to map the key stages of every transaction from start to finish.

As business owners, typically we get caught up in our own internal experience of dealing with our customers and rarely consider what it might be like for them? According to research by MyCustomer 2018, a third of businesses do not map out the customer journey. This is a huge missed opportunity to deliver a better experience and build customer loyalty to your company (knowledge that will make your business flourish).

Mapping your customer journey will:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce customer turnover
  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce poor customer reviews
  • Increase referrals from existing customers

The workshop is a unique chance for you to evaluate every aspect of this journey, both internally and externally, giving you the knowledge to take business decisions and be confident these are not based on assumptions.

How it works

I will come to you and facilitate a bespoke workshop solely for you and your team. Think of me as your second pair of eyes and the ‘tell me why?’ person.

Here is what a customer journey workshop includes:

  • Customer journey workshop – half day (4 hour session suitable for up to 3 team members) or full day (7 hour session for between 4 and 10 team members). The workshop can be delivered via zoom or in person and at a time to suit you
  • A post workshop report that details helpful recommendations and next steps
  • Two post workshop review sessions- great for defining next steps and staying on track


Maybe you are not sure about taking the plunge? That is ok, I have a power hour for these situations. This is an hour where we can blast through one thing that may be holding you back right now.

Here are some examples of what a power hour can cover:

  • Your customer onboarding process- you have an annoying snag that holds things up every time.
  • You have hold ups at the same stage with every client (usually when you need them to send you something or return something).
  • You know parts of your customer journey can appear ‘clunky’ to the customer, but you don’t know how to tackle it?
  • You are busy trying to attract more new customers, – but what can you do to continually nurture your existing customers?

A power hour is just £139 and is the perfect chance to work through exactly what is stopping you from moving forward