Improve relationship with Customer Journey Workshops


When you run your own business often the big picture slips because you’re busy dealing with the details.  My customer workshop session will show you things from the eyes of your customer, as we work together to map the key stages of every transaction from start to finish.

As business owners, typically we get caught up in our own internal experience of dealing with our customers and rarely consider what it might be like for them? According to research by MyCustomer 2018, a third of businesses do not map out the customer journey. This is a huge missed opportunity to deliver a better experience and build customer loyalty to your company (knowledge that will make your business flourish).

Mapping your customer journey will:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce customer turnover
  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce poor customer reviews
  • Increase referrals from existing customers

The workshop is a unique chance for you to evaluate every aspect of this journey, both internally and externally, giving you the knowledge to take business decisions and be confident these are not based on assumptions.

How it works

I will come to you and facilitate a bespoke workshop solely for you and your team. Think of me as your second pair of eyes and the ‘tell me why?’ person.

Here is what a customer journey workshop includes:

  • Customer journey workshop – half day (4 hour session suitable for up to 3 team members) or full day (7 hour session for between 4 and 10 team members). The workshop can be delivered via zoom or in person and at a time to suit you
  • A post workshop report that details helpful recommendations and next steps
  • Two post workshop review sessions- great for defining next steps and staying on track

Investment costs: from £749

Customer Journey Workshop

You know as a business owner it can be a struggle to stay objective?

Well, I help you deliver the ‘gold standard’ of what your customers can expect from you from their first enquiry.

Through an engaging half day workshop we will work together to map the key stages of your customer journey from start to finish.

By mapping your customer journey you, your customers and colleagues have an agreed process to effectively navigate your customers from enquiry to sale.

1: Free Consultation

It is hard to be objective on your own business, as you are always in the detail.

However, we cant assume that our customers know what to expect when they reach out to us.

In our free discovery session, I will listen while you tell me about your business and some of the snags or challenges you may be experiencing.

During the session I will explain more about the workshop and how it will help you.

We will also discuss how I can help you within your budget.

2: Workshop Session

 In the comfort of your office ( or via zoom) we will get the big paper out while you walk me through your customer journey as happens today.

By holding a customer journey workshop with you, and the key members of your team, we can track the activities they each complete as the customer moves through from enquiry and beyond.

With the customer at the heart of the journey, we can map their individual customer touch points . We will identify points where things may feel clunky or longwinded. We will also identify what is working well.

3: Your Unique Customer Journey Report

Within a week of your workshop, I will have your unique customer journey report to you.

This will be in clear sections and will offer practical solutions and actions to clear the blockages in your current journey.

It will also celebrate what works well and how this can be replicated elsewhere in the journey.

Along side the report, you will have your new improved customer journey process as a visual that you can have in your office and share with all your staff.

I can also advise on your systems to make sure you can capture relevant data along your new customer journey and measure success.

4: Ongoing Reviews

We all know that once things get busy, plans and processes can go to the wayside; This happens to us all! As part of the package cost, you will receive two review sessions to keep you on track.

I can also extend my help at points over the months following your report.

You can have ongoing review meetings to look back and review how your new customer journey process is working in practice- what is working well, and what needs further tweaking.

A customer journey process is an organic part of your business and will evolve over time as you grow.

By making a start at focusing on your customer journey, you are regaining that all important objectivity, meaning you can start to work on your business and not in it!