Case Studies

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Parker Piredda Marketing and PR Ltd

CRM for a newly merged business

VK Business Consulting started working with Eleanor Piredda and Tamsin Parker from Parker Piredda Ltd in 2023. They had recently merged their businesses and needed a CRM to track the end-to-end customer journey. Here is their experience.

My Mortgage Wizards

You can’t put a price on the calmness that is now in the office

Learn how setting up a new Capsule CRM system helped Caroline Brunt of My Mortgage Wizards create calm in her office and improve staff morale.

AWscapes meeting to set up their new Capsule CRM system

Building a Proactive Business with a CRM – AWscape

Learn how setting up a new Capsule CRM system has helped Allison Walters, founder of AWscape become proactive rather than reactive and put systems in place as her business grows.

Laura Beckett, Quietly Loud

From ‘what is a CRM’ three months ago to now fully embracing one in her business

Laura Beckett of Quietly Loud was part of my Customer Journey and CRM course in November 2022. Getting to know her clients, and figuring out how they want to come across to potential customers is key to Laura’s approach and here’s how a CRM helps her do just that.

Zena Barrick CRM Course

Customer journey and CRM course participant, Zena Barrick tells us about her transformation

Zena Barrick joined my Customer Journey and CRM course in November 2022. She set out with 5 other business owners to collectively plot the customer journey for their business and to begin the process of implementing a CRM. By the end of the course (and with two hours one to one coaching) Zena has a clearer understanding of her business processes, customer interactions and is all set up with Capsule CRM.