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Customer journey and CRM course participant, Zena Barrick tells us about her transformation

Zena Barrick joined my Customer Journey and CRM course in November 2022. She set out with 5 other business owners to collectively plot the customer journey for their business and to begin the process of implementing a CRM. By the end of the course (and with two hours one to one coaching) Zena has a clearer understanding of her business processes, customer interactions and is all set up with Capsule CRM.

How a CRM can help your business – read Emma’s story

Recently I met with Emma Semper Hopkins of Semper Hopkins Interior and Upholstery to chat about her business. Emma and I worked together almost three years ago as she needed a CRM system, and I am pleased to hear that the CRM is still working hard in her business. We reflected on life before a CRM and life now.

CRM Course Members – Write on Time

Michelle and Christian from Write on Time Limited joined my Customer Journey and CRM course in November 2021. The course is funded through the European Fund and delivered through the Manchester Metropolitan University. Recently I checked in with them to see how things were and to understand how their journey has been since doing the course.

Julie’s CRM Journey

Julie and I first began working together in October 2020. It has been a pleasure to follow Julie on her CRM journey and we continue to enjoy a catch up over a coffee several months later. I helped Julie, the Director, in the family business, to map out their customer journey and implement a CRM system that worked best for them. We recently met up for a chat about the process her business has gone through since we started, what it was like before finding VK, how I was able to help and where they are now. 

How does implementing a CRM system really help me?

There are endless benefits of implementing a CRM system into your business.
One of these being that it can help you to keep track of new leads. And while this is one of the most important parts of a business, a CRM also helps to look after existing and past customers.

Customer Journey mapping for small business owners

Do your customers have an inconsistent experience? Is the journey that your customers take through your business different every time? It’s important to understand what works well and what doesn’t work so well to ensure you are providing the very best experience to your customers.