How does implementing a CRM system really help me?

There are endless benefits of implementing a CRM system into your business.

One of these being that it can help you to keep track of new leads. And while this is one of the most important parts of a business, a CRM also helps to look after existing and past customers.

Running a business means relying on memory, however, it need not be this way. I speak to many solopreneurs who worry about missing a new lead. This is often because these leads come in through several different routes. In my work with these busy businesspeople, we look at easy ways of getting those leads funnelled into one place; a CRM.

Moreover, what about the customers that have been and now gone?

The importance of this is frequently overlooked. We do our do our job for the customer, we go through our process and then we move onto the next customer, right? Instead, a CRM can help you to retain all past customers and keep all their customer profiles in one place.

A CRM will also enable you to deliver ongoing touch points to maintain the relationship you envisaged you would have with your customers without being a pest.

Quick task you can do now, map 4 ongoing touch points you would want to have with your customers after the sale has taken place.

These steps help you to manage and deepen your customer relationships, ensuring current and past customers feel important, thus creating customer loyalty and ensuring that they bring any future business to you first! We are all human and will make decisions on how we feel and if that feeling is neglect, then we will go elsewhere to feel loved.

Typically, we focus so much on the sales side of a business that we set aside customer attention, forgetting that all aspects of a business need attention for the business to grow.

You are not alone, as a small business owner there are many jobs to do and if there’s only you, or a couple of people in the business, then a CRM system is crucial.

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