How often do you step into your customers shoes?

Have you ever thought properly about the journey your customers take, from when they first hear about your small business, their first contact with you, and then becoming your client?

Sometimes the customers point of view can get lost. We get so busy focussing on our role in the business, making sure all our jobs are done, and we forget to take a step back and see how our customer is seeing us.

Customer journey mapping is the process of creating a customer journey map.
This map is a visual story of the customers point of view, including each of their interactions with the business.

Why is customer mapping important?

Customer mapping has many benefits for a business:

  • It helps you to empathise with your customers. You can see everything through their lens, making you more aware of any snags or roadblocks that may need improving
  • It can benefit your inner business. As a team you can understand and build a united focus on the broader customer experience
  • It improves customer satisfaction. This is done through being aware of, and being able to improve, the customer experience at each step
  • Ensures consistency and a seamless experience for the customer across the whole interaction
  • Creates customer loyalty and retention, as customers are constantly satisfied with their experience of your business

Customer satisfaction is paramount for successful business growth, it reduces customer turnover and increases referrals from existing customers.

Customer mapping is one of the best ways to ensure customer satisfaction at every step.

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