Choosing the right CRM for your business-Why do you want a CRM?

Is it the done thing now you are a business owner to have a CRM?

Before you begin your CRM search, ask yourself why do you want a CRM?

So why do you want a CRM?

To help you reach a decision, think through this check list in reaching an answer.

  • You have heard they help you feel organised
  • Other business owners in your network have one
  • You have heard they save you time
  • You worry you are going to miss something important
  • You are relying on memory when it comes to prospective customers and customers
  • You have missed a new enquiry
  • You have pockets of information in different places
  • You struggle to get back to your customers on time

If you can relate to some these points, then you would most certainly benefit from starting your CRM journey now.

I am a big fan of a CRM system, of course!. I have seen the benefits of having a CRM in my business and when I worked in the private social care industry mapping customer journeys.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are a couple of useful stats for you on the benefits of having a CRM.

A recent poll of CRM users found that 47% of respondents say CRM usage has a substantial impact on customer retention. An equal percentage say that CRM usage helped them increase customer satisfaction. (Source: Capterra)

A recent survey revealed that for companies that use a CRM, the average return on their technology investment is $8.71 for each dollar spent. (Source: Nucleus Research)

But, I will be honest at this stage, having a CRM is not an overnight fix.

Implementing a CRM in your business

I liken it to having a gym membership. Just because you have a gym membership doesn’t get you fit. You need to put in the time and effort to create space for this in your life. Think of it in the same way you would if you were creating a new habit or routine.

Just ‘having’ a CRM will not do your thinking for you.

Think firstly, do you have the time to research and set up a CRM for your business. I recommend you set aside at least 25 hours to get this initial bit done.

If you have decided, you need to take the next step in getting a CRM for your business then read on to hear about how I helped Simon.

“As an aspiring small business owner, I realised I would need a way of getting my affairs organised. I spoke to Veronica, who recommended using a CRM. Not only did she advise on the most suitable CRM for my business, she also taught me how to set up and operate it. My business is now transformed: I can track my contacts, clients and manage my business effectively now – all thanks to Veronica’s calm, patient instruction and expertise. Her help has really made a huge difference and I’d recommend anyone setting up in business to talk to Veronica about a CRM – don’t leave it and suffer like I did!” – Simon Chubb (Scartoons)

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