Customer Journey and CRM Course 

Tired of running your business out of your head and relying on memory for everything?

There is a solution for this. Join one of my upcoming customer journey and CRM online courses.

This course is designed especially for service based B2B businesses. This is an ideal course if you are in the following industries: marketing, web design, copywriting, SEO, branding and graphic design, PR consultants, video production, business coaching, speech and language consultants, private consultants within schools or social care. Bespoke creative services, such as furniture design, jewellery design. Also, HR consultants, health and safety consultants, road safety consultants, land surveyors and virtual assistants.

During 2023, the following course dates are available:

  • Thursday 11th May-to-Thursday 1st June- this is open to any service based business
  • Thursday 28th September-to-Thursday 19th October-this is open to any service based business

See below for more details on the course and to book a free 15 minute call with me to ask any questions and to secure your place.

An Introduction to the Course

This is a fantastic course designed especially for service-based small businesses across the UK. In just eighteen months, this course has helped over forty small business owners to get clearer on their customer journey and to take the first steps in implementing a CRM for their business.

Read what past participant have said.

“Veronica is a joy to work with. The course is well thought out and follows a logical progression. Just the right balance of sharing information, asking thought provoking questions and allowing us the time to consider how it all relates to our business. I have learnt a huge amount about myself, and my business and I am excited to implement the actions!” – March 2022 course participant

Here is run through of what you can expect from the course

  • A four-week course (a three hour session each week for four weeks)
  • Each session runs from 9.30am-to- 12.30pm every week
  • Online via zoom
  • A maximum of eight people per course
  • A commitment to all sessions, plus, an additional two hours a week implementing what you have learned
  • An activity-based course in which, by the end, you will have mapped your own customer journey specific to your business
  • Look inside Capsule CRM and understand how this will help your business
  • Three hours one to one coaching after the course has finished to help you implement your customer journey into your business and to set up Capsule CRM
  • An extended free three-month trial of Capsule CRM (usually only two weeks)
  • Free lifetime access to a learning board with fantastic resources to help you during the course and beyond

Cost: £649 per person (payment plans available)

** The minimum number per course is 4 people. If the minimum number cant be reached then a new date will be proposed or refund issued**

Interested? Book a call with me here to ask any questions and to secure your place 

Is the course right for you?

You may like to check if this course is for you by running through the checklist below.

  • You are a B2B service-based business
  • You have grown your business through blood, sweat and tears
  • Your customers love what you do and good word is spreading
  • You fear that if you grow any more the wheels will fall off and a bad customer review is just waiting to happen
  • You are piecing it together behind the scenes and each customer ends up having a different experience
  • You know you are going to have to hire help, but first you need to empty your head
  • Your business is ‘you’ and no one else can do what you do
  • You have heard of this thing called a CRM, but wonder how it can help your business
  • You have signed up to a new CRM but don’t know where to start

If you can relate to any of these points, then the course is for you.

Interested in securing your place? Book here to have a quick 15 minute chat with me to find out more and secure your place.

“Loved, loved, loved, the toast process exercise” – July 2022 course participant

Course Outline

Week 1-Introductions and your present state

By the end of this session, you will have explored where you are now and where you want to be. You will benchmark the everyday relationship you have with your business and customers to identify where the gaps are. How would you score yourself on a scale of 1-10 when it comes to asking customers for a review? This session will see you setting clear goals that you want to achieve from the course and how you are going to get there.

Week 2-The Customer Journey- the beginning and on boarding your customers

By the end of this session, you will have mapped the beginning and middle stages of you customer journey process. We will map how you are generating new leads and how easy you make it for your customers to enquire. We will map your sales process to understand what works well and where prospects may be falling through the net. This follows us mapping out your onboarding process to see how you welcome your new customers. We will pinpoint the potential bumps in the road and how to navigate them. You will share experiences of working with your nightmare customers and think about how to set customer expectations.

Week 3- Building customer relationships and delivering the day to day.

By the end of the session, you will understand how you want to build on the relationships you have with your customers. Explore how you can stay in touch regularly without being a pest! It costs us 6-7 times more to keep making new sales than to nurture our existing customers. The journey does not stop after the sale is complete.

You will also understand the importance of processes in order to grow your business and how you can begin to step away from the detail by emptying your head of the day-to-day repeatable tasks you do in your business and documenting them. How freeing does that sound?

Week 4- Introducing a CRM into your business and your next steps

By the end of the session, you will have had your first introduction to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. You will explore the reality of a CRM in your business and the benefits they can bring. You will see inside a simple generic CRM system and how that will help you facilitate your customer journey. We will also explore how to select the right CRM for your business- so important with 7,000 different systems out there.

What Happens Now?

If you would like to know more and start the process of booking your place, then it would be great to have a chat with you to get the ball rolling. Please click here to book a call with me.

“At first I was concerned about the time commitment for this course, but it was very well worth every minute. The key takeaway for me is that I identified the gaps in my customer journey, and I now know that there is technology that can help manage this” – October 2022 course participant